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What is Speed Reading?

Speed reading is a series of reading methods which increase reading speed and comprehension.

Doctors/Lawyers: Slash your total reading time. Less working late at night and on the weekends. More free time for you to spend with your family and friends and on activities you really enjoy.

CEO/Directors: The board papers have arrived - over two hundred pages to read. The board meeting is tomorrow. What are you going to do? Skip the reading and get caught out in the board room? Your reading speed is crucial to your performance and income earning potential.

If you are snowed under at work with piles of letters, reports, files and email, then try RocketReader Professional. You will double your effectiveness if you can read faster with greater comprehension

Benefits of Speed Reading

Speed readers:
  • Read faster and understand more
  • Get better grades and exam results through reading and understanding more
  • Enjoy a more satisfying and higher paying career
  • Know more through reading more
  • Keep their knowledge and professional skills current easily
  • Enjoy more free time by getting through required reading faster

Who can learn to Speed Read?

Adults, students and children aged 7 and above can master speed reading techniques to read faster and more accurately.

Famous Speed Readers

John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy
Famous speed readers include John F Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

Junior and high school students, college students and professionals have all benefited from speed reading training. You can too.

Speed Reading Options

There are four options. These are:
  • speed reading books
  • speed reading tapes or DVDs
  • speed reading courses
  • speed reading software.

Speed reading books tell rather than "train" you how to speed read and, hence, have limited effectiveness.

Speed reading tapes or DVDs have limited involvement and participation. They can be like a set of canned lectures without the immediacy of live presentation.

Speed reading courses are often the most expensive option. Also, improvements in reading speed "drop off" after the seminar as the seminar material is forgotten.

Speed reading software trains rather than "tells" you how to speed read. The most interactive, convenient and accessible option.

The best option is an effective speed reading software program. It's interactive, convenient and easily accessible. And you can use it whenever you need to maintain your reading speed and comprehension.

What to Look for in Speed Reading Software?

When considering speed reading software, ensure it provides:

  • Effective training exercises using proven speed reading techniques to eliminate nasty reading habits. These exercises should include:
  • Exercises to prevent "eye-slaving" and "subvocalization"
  • Paced reading - to train you to read at a set pace to develop reading rhythm and prevent "skip-back".
  • Speed tests: An effective speed reading program will continuously evaluate your reading speed.
  • Training optimized according to your ability: so you are challenged, enjoy learning and learn at optimal levels.
  • Ample and varied content and practice material - you should be able to select readings from a wide range of graded readings.
  • Continuous comprehension testing - if you are training to read quickly you need to know how your comprehension is tracking. Reading too quickly for your ability can result in lower comprehension. Fast reading and comprehension should go hand in hand in a good speed reading program.
  • Facility to use your own material - this means you can work smart and train to speed read whilst learning material your really need to know.
  • Facility to customize the look and feel of the program to suit your reading needs.
  • Printable reports, graphs and statistics so you can easily see your progress.
  • After sales service and technical support.
  • Reading Speed - critical to career success
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    How does your reading speed and comprehension rate?

    How Do You Rate?

    reading speed graph The average reading speed is around 230 words per minute. Most people are capable of reading at least twice as fast (i.e. 460 words per words per minute) but are "held back" by nasty reading habits.

    Slow reader: 0 - 150 words per minute. Typically has very poor comprehension. Many people who read slowly have not "taken" to books and reading. The better you read, the more you "want" to read.
    Below average reader: 150 - 230 words per minute. Below average. Often has poor comprehension.
    Average reader: 230 - 250 words per minute.
    Fast reader: 350 - 500 words per minute. Typically has a high educational level and is a professional, an avid social reader or has participated in an effective speed reading program.
    Excellent reader: 500 - 800 words per minute. High speed reader, who has learned accelerated reading techniques.
    Skim reader: >800 words per minute. Studies show that comprehension drops off sharply at speeds greater than 800 words per minute for almost all readers. Be skeptical if a vendor claims that accurate reading is possible over 800 words per minute.

    Fry, E. B. (1963). "Teaching faster reading: a manual" Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

    De Leeuw, E & De Leeuw, M (1965) "Read better, read faster" London, Penguin Press

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    An Example

    If you have arrived here and read all the text on this page, you have read 939 words.

    What type of reader could you be with speed reading training? How much time would you save? Using this example, a slow reader who becomes a fast reader saves over 2 and half minutes reading just this page. Imagine this applied over your lifetime.

    Can you really afford not to try the RocketReader speed reading program? Use RocketReader free for 10 days. The full feature trial is absolutely free and there's no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial.

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